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Kalpana Movie Review

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Well known director Ram Narayan has struck gold in his 125th film Kalpana featuring Real Star Uppi and Sai Kumar in leading roles. RamNarayan has directed many films in different languages, but this may well be a film that can crown him as a good commercial film director.
And his casting of the film is perfect as well as his decision to remake the Telugu version of "Kanchana' which has shades of some nativity in Kannada.
Kalpana is a perfect film for the masses with all the commercial ingredients thrown in proportionately. For the Horror movie lovers at least, Kalpana will be the best offering, while it is best suited for the tastes of the people who love commercial entertainers. There is a normal complaint that Uppi's films do not reach the B and C centres, but this one film can really alter such perceptions. The audience will certainly like the perfectly mixed elements.
It is not that Kalpana has no flaws at all. Since it is a remake to the core, the director could have tried to avoid the mistakes committed by the original director Raghava Lawrence who had a slow narration in some places particularly in the post interval. Even the first half which is laced with humour, the narration cripples at certain stages. But all these are forgotten once Sai Kumar's character makes an entry. Then it is Uppi and Sai Kumar who take over to give their best performances.
Uppi shines in a totally different role which however perfectly suits him. His sequences with Umashri and Shruthi are little overstretched, but are certainly would bring in roars of laughter inside the theatres. And he shows variety is his forte in giving the best performance in many sequences of the film As a timid young boy he is likeable, but when he transforms himself extra ordinarily well after ghost enters his body. And in the climax and pre climax sequences, he is just fantastic. Dialogue King Sai Kumar brings in lot of emotional overtones to his role and his climax speech is touching. Shruthi, Umashri, Achyuth Rao and Sathyajith have all done very good job in their respective roles.
Hari Krishna's music was not utterly likeable when heard, but it is well picturised and makes a pleasing watch. The camera work is perfect, though editing could have been sharper.
Over all Kalpana is a really lovable entertainer that will please all sections of audience.

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