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  • Liftman Movie Review - Chitraloka Rating 3/5

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    It is not everyday that you see an ordinary man as the protagonist in a film. It could be a cop, rowdy, gangster, techie or doctor. Even when it is a simple profession the hero ends up as a rowdy or something big. In such a scenario how about a film about a lift operator? In liftman, the leading man Sundar Raj remains a liftman all his life. He does not become a hero or do something great. But the small things he does in his simple life are what makes it a believable film.

    The film is a commendable effort for the reason that it chooses such a subject. The film is about a liftman in Vidhana Soudha who is in the middle of a political storm. How can someone hardly noticed become a subject of a crisis? The story unfolds in a live TV news. Manjappa the liftman recounts his life story and the special bond he has with an IAS officer. The story culminates with Manjappa himself having an introspection whether he is as good as he makes himself out to be.

    The film is narrated in a simple format without much of a grand display. Most of the film takes place in just three locations; the lift, Manjappa's house and the TV studio.

    Manjappa's life is not uneventful. Though he is in a simple profession he encounters many things of the high and mighty. He knows his place and does not try to exploit them. The film shows that every life and profession is important.

    Sundar Raj in his 200th film has made a wonderful performance. He makes the acting look so simple. Director Sreedhar keeps the narrative tight and makes a meaningful film. Praveen Godkindi has given good music. Liftman is a film for those looking for a message and meaningful films.

  • Psycho Shankara Movie Review; Chitraloka Rating 3/5

    psycho shankara movie review

    A few years ago a convicted criminal escaped from the Central Prison in Bengaluru and it sent shock waves across the city. It was no ordinary criminal. Psycho Shankar was a terror and was involved in dozens of rapes and murders. When he escaped the entire police department went into a tizzy. 

    The film starts with this episode. Psycho Shankar has escaped from prison and there is trouble for everyone involved. The government wants the police to capture the escaped prisoner immediately before he creates more trouble. The police spread the net wide. But there are other people who are mysteriously behind Shankar. Shankar's friends want to help him. His enemies want to kill him. There are so many thrilling elements that are brought to the table by the director Punit Arya. 

    Navarasan plays Psycho Shankar. But he does not have a single dialogue in the film. That is the method used by the director effectively. Even without a dialogue, Navarasan manages to showcase his talent. Newcomer Pranva plays a strange character along with Vijay Chendoor. It is another highlight of the film. 

    Sharath Lohitashva plays the police officer Ashok Kumar who is brought to capture Shankar. Kumar would have captured the criminal once before. He has to use all his brains to capture him again. But this time, he has so many odds. Does he succeed?

    The director manages to hold the interest of the audience till the very end. There is excellent camerawork that captures the beauty of Male Mahadeshwara hills and the bylines of Bengaluru. The film also has some excellent music and meaningful lyrics which add to the beauty of the film.

    Psycho Shankra is one of the best films this year. Though it is an action thriller, there is no violence. There is no unnecessary killing. The director has shown sensibility in making such a film. It is good to see that even when the film is about a psycho and serial killer, there is nothing objectionable in any scene. The actors have done a great job and the film is satisfactory for the audience. 

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