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  • Kannada films in 700/750 Theatres - Exclusive

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    Almost all single screen theaters in Karnataka will be screening Kannada films from tomorrow. This is a bonus for Karnataka Rajyostava. With many films doing well at the box office and the release of Mukunda Murari and Santhu Straight Forward in nearly 300 screens each, over 700 of the 750 theatres in Karnataka will be screening Kannada films film from October 28.

    Distributors and exhibitors Chitraloka spoke to say that this is an unprecedented number which was not seen for many years. MM and SSF among them will occupy not less than 500 theatres and many more shows in multiplexes also.

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    Of the remaining around 250 single screens, Nagarahavu, Dodmane Hudga, Jaguar, Dana Kayonu and Rama Rama Re will have between 25 to 60 screens each. Even big other language films are unable to stand up to this avalanche of Kannada movies.

    The Hindi film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has all of 27 shows in single-screen theatres in Bengaluru. In many of these single screens it has managed to get only one or two shows. Tamil fantasy film Kashmora, which is said to be the highest budget film for actor Karthik has managed to get only 30 shows in single-screen theatres in Bengaluru. Kannada films have occupied all the traditional theatres that screened Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films.

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  • Shivanna Chief Guest at Muscat - Exclusive

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    ‪Hattrick Hero Shivarajkumar will be the chief guest at the Kannada Rajyotsava function to be held at Muscat, the capital of Oman on January 18. He will be going to Muscat on January 16 to take part in the event.

    Shivanna had agreed to go to the function last year itself but had to abandon it at the last minute due to the illness of his brother Raghavendra Rajkumar. The Kannada sangha at Muscat was started in 2002 and has been regularly conducting Rajyotsava and other cultural events to keep their bond with Kannada and Karnataka. Artistes from various fields of arts are regularly invited to Muscat.

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