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  • Indrajith

    Indrajith to direct Ravichandran - Exclusive

  • Harshika

    Harshika Refuses to Comment

  • Shivarajkumar

    Shivarajkumar in Weekend with Ramesh

  • Bahaddur

    Bahaddur Platinum Disc Released

  • Advertisement

    Advertisement Time for Kannada Stars

  • Censor

    Censor Officer On Election Duty Again - Exclusive

  • Ragini

    Ragini To Act in a Bilingual Film

  • Guruprasad

    Guruprasad out of Big Boss -Exclusive

  • Super

    Super Ranga Movie Review

  • Daler

    Daler Mehndi Sings for Namo Bhootama

Veeresh Column

Vishnuvardhan - The Memories of a Legend - 1‪

vishnuvardhan, km veeresh image

After writing the series on Sudeep recently, I there were loads of appreciation and also a few criticism. Some people did not like it because th Read more...

Uma Column

Uma Column 52 - ಬಾ ಬಾರೋ ಬಾರೋ ರಣಧೀರ

ravichandran image

ಅಕಾಡೆಮಿ ಅಂದರೆ ಸಾಕು, ಜನ ಆಕಳಿಸುತ್ತಾರೆ. ಮೀಟಿಂಗುಗಳು, ಸೆಮಿನಾರುಗಳು, ಠರಾವುಗಳು, ಶಿಫಾರಸುಗಳು, ಮುಂತಾದ ಭಯಂಕರ ಬೋರು ಹೊಡೆಸುವ ಪದಗಳೆಲ್ಲವೂ ಆಕಾಡೆಮಿಯ ಸಖಿಯರು.  Read more...


Indrajith to direct Ravichandran - Exclusive

indrajit lankesh, ravichandran image

After a hiatus of almost two years, journalist turned director Indrajith Lankesh is back with a new film. One of the highlights of the Read more...

Harshika Refuses to Comment

Harshika image

Actress Harshika has refused to comment on the lip lock episode saying that she doesn't want to comment about a news which she is no w Read more...

Shivarajkumar in Weekend with Ramesh

Weekend with Ramesh image

After many celebrities, actor 'Hatrick Hero' Shivarajkumar will be the next guest at the most popular 'Weekend with Ramesh' anchored b Read more...

Bahaddur Platinum Disc Released

bahaddur image

The songs of Dhruva Sarja-Radhika Pandith starrer 'Bahaddur' have become a huge hit and the songs of the film have recorded a record s Read more...

Advertisement Time for Kannada Stars

puneeth rajkumar, sudeep image

It seems Kannada's top stars are under the lens of advertisers and marketing men. More advertisements these days are featuring Kannada Read more...

Photo of the Day

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Censor Officer On Election Duty Again - Exclusive

kannada movie images

After the recent trouble over the appointment of new members to the Regional Censor Board which held up several Kannada films, there is fresh tr Read more...


Super Ranga Movie Review

Even though it is a remake of the popular Telugu film Kick which has alrea Read more...


Adyaksha In Trouble Again - Exclusive

adhyaksha image

The Sharan-starrer Adyaksha is once again in trouble. This time, music company Anand Audio has filed a case against the makers of the film. The  Read more...


Industry crisis Solved

Munirathna image

The problems between Kannada film producers and the Workers Federation regarding the revision of workers pau has finally sorted out. It has been Read more...

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  • Sudeep

    Sunday 02. September
  • Neethu

    Sunday 02. September
  • Srishyla (Music Director)

    Srishyla (Music Director)
    Monday 03. September
  • Sabha Kumar (Cinematographer)

    Sabha Kumar (Cinematographer)
    Monday 03. September
  • Priya Hassan

    Priya Hassan
    Friday 07. September
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    Chaitra Chandranath
    Sunday 09. September
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    Ramesh Aravind
    Monday 10. September
  • Ramesh AMR

    Ramesh AMR
    Wednesday 12. September
  • Ashok

    Wednesday 12. September
  • Upendra

    Tuesday 18. September
  • Vishnuvardhan

    Tuesday 18. September
  • Shruthi

    Tuesday 18. September
  • Indrajit Lankesh

    Indrajit Lankesh
    Saturday 22. September
  • Muralidhar Halappa

    Muralidhar Halappa
    Monday 24. September